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What Is Salads 101 All About

Salads 101 products were developed through a series projects involving New York City and other major school districts throughout the country. The priority was to create a line that was low in maintenance, calories, fat and sodium but high in flavor and versatility. We achieved all of those goals and along the way expanded the line by adding Frozen Cut Fruits to the list, making Salads 101 a complete supplier of healthy fruit & vegetable products for school students

Here Are Just Some Of The Points We Are Proud Of:

1) All Salads 101 products are all natural with no artificial ingredients or preservatives. Production of these products takes place in a USDA inspected facility. Each order is handled individually.

2) Products for use on salad bars, tray line cups or portion plated. Ease of use. Simply tear the notch on the bag and pour out contents.

3) Being packed in 3/5# bags allows the user to easily manage inventory. Lighter weight cases are more user friendly.

4) Variety of salad types allows for more menu choices. Run salads everyday. Choose 3-4 per week. FIFO to eliminate waste.

5) Vegetable/ pasta salads may be heated in the bags to serve as hot side dishes. Simply place bags in steamer or hot water, heat to 150 degrees F , tear at notch and pour into serving container. Adds additional value to the products.

6) Thaw & serve cut fruit blends provide a different way to present fresh fruit. Five unique mixed cut fruit blends will encourage kids to reach out and try them.

7) Allows schools to show participation in the USDA mandates of the Fruit & Vegetable programs. The nutritional values of all portion sizes qualify for alternative status.

8) District wide consistency. Know for sure that all of your facilities are serving the planned level of nutrition.

9) Salads 101 offers you an opportunity to "Go Green". Replacing # 10 cans and glass jars will improve the stress and volume loads on your local landfills.

10) Plan your Salads 101 menu 30 days in advance. Product holds a 15 refrigerated shelf life. We make it fresh, ship to your distributor who delivers to you. FRESH !!

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